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FAQs of a 1031 Exchange

What is an Accredited Investor?

An accredited investor is a person or entity that can deal with securities not registered with financial authorities by satisfying one of the requirements regarding income, net worth, asset size, governance status, or professional experience. The term is used by the SEC under Regulation D to refer to investors who are monetarily cultured and have a reduced need for the protection provided by regulatory disclosure filings. Accredited investors will include natural individuals, banks, insurance companies, brokers, and trusts.

What are the rules for a 1031 Exchange?

Can I use a 1031 for personal use?
Does Personal Property qualify for an exchange?
Should the exchange be of “Like-kind”?
How can I “Delay” my exchange?
How long do I have to find a replacement property?
If I get more cash than I paid for the property, is that money taxed?
Are Debt and Mortgages considered in the exchange?