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10 Reasons to Consider DSTs

Exclusive Financial Resources can help with finding you replacement properties, typically through a Delaware Statutory Trust (DST), for Section 1031 exchange transactions as quality; multiple-owner real estate solutions. Here are 10 reasons to consider DSTs. 

Avoid Taxable Gain on Boot
No Property Management Headaches
DSTs Make Great Back Up Properties
Diversification Benefits
Receive Consistent Income - "Mailbox $$'s"
Swap Till You Drop
Estate Planning Tool and Teaching Tool
Quality Properties and Leverage Options
Avoid Financing Obstacles
Low Minimums

If you have any questions regarding Delaware Statutory Trusts (DSTs) please give Exclusive Financial Resources a call at (980) 242-2533, email Louis Herford at LHerford@Exclusive1031.com or schedule a 15-minute discussion here.